At The Hudson, we’re lucky to work with a great team that’s committed to making our residents comfortable and at home in our luxury rental homes in River North.

Our Assistant Property Manager, Theresa Comiskey, is one of them. As someone who loves calling Chicago home, we thought we’d sit down with her to get the inside tips on her favorite things to do in the Windy City.

banner-theresa_comiskey Meet The Hudson Team: Theresa Comiskey

How long have you lived in Chicago?
I have lived in Chicago for 2 ½ years. I lived in a small south suburban town just 30 minutes away from the city for 20+ years but have been working in the City of Chicago for 10 years and I love everything about Chicago!

What makes Chicago such a great city to live in?
Wow, where do I even start! Chicago is the one of the very few cities that has everything you can imagine; from everyday living to weekend vacations to holiday visits! The extensive Lake Shore Drive bike path provides scenic views for walks, runs, and long bike rides. The skyscrapers remind us of our past and future. The winters are festive for the holidays. The summers are filled with sun, beaches, boats, live concerts and festivals. Each street is packed with fantastic dining that even as a Chicagoan I feel like I haven’t tried everything yet!

Chicago has the best parks with free dancing, outdoor recreational parks, ice skating, and memorial grounds to honor our veterans. Chicago has great sports entertainment, architecture, and diverse neighborhoods (Greek Town, Chinatown, Little Italy, Ukrainian Village, etc.) that give you the experience of actually visiting these countries!

We have prestigious sports teams that give our city excitement and hope! I am not aware of too many cities that have two major league baseball teams with great players and baseball fields for your not-so-average day at the park! We have the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Chicago Bears, and the Blackhawks and we are able to accommodate all games for each sport every year. If you are a sports fanatic then Chicago has you covered!

Chicago is such a great city because of the history of art, music, and famous figures that have given a good name to Chicagoans – our work ethic, passion, and overall love and loyalty for this city is branded deep within our hearts and we take pride in carrying that with us in all endeavors. Back in the 70’s it was a trend on the weekends that everyone gets dressed up to “go to the City.” Every time the weekend is near I like to think of this motto to carry out the same feeling that developed the past and my memories for the future.

Describe a typical day at your job.
My typical day at work allows me to be proactive in all areas of management, leasing, as well as resident services. I have to ensure that I am responding within a timely manner to resident related situations, offer superior customer service, maintain delinquency, be available for my Property Manager should she need any assistance, as well as be available to accommodate the overflow of leasing tours scheduled for the day. In addition, I manage resident events by preparing flyers and sending mass emails to our community to let them know of upcoming events or property related information.

My days are not typical, they can be very calm or very busy – there is never a grey area. You have to be ready at all times to switch hats so that you are able to address subjects appropriately. In my personal opinion, I absolutely love the thrill of the unknown and it only sharpens my skills to prepare me for growth and development within my position at ONNI.

What are your favorite restaurants in River North?
A few of my favorite restaurants in River North include: Gibson’s Italia, Bernie’s Lunch & Supper, Farmhouse Chicago, Troquet River North, Bounce Upscale Sports bar, GT Prime steakhouse, 25 Degrees, Dolce Italian, the infamous Lou Malnati’s for excellent deep-dish pizza, and The Flamingo Club.

How do you spend your days off?
I spend my days off being adventurous and consuming myself with anything Chicago related, spending time with friends and family, and always checking out new hotspots added to the city. I also enjoy watching the TV show Impractical Jokers for a good laugh as well as attending our best improv shows. I have recently been saying yes to everything so I try not to turn down anything that involves being social. We are consumed with screens and telephones all day long that it feels refreshing when you are having a real conversation with different individuals and a good time.

What are your favorite things about The Hudson?

The Hudson is by far superb compared to other Chicago rental buildings. I have been at The Hudson for 3 months now and I have met amazing residents through daily interaction and onsite resident events, met at least 30 doggies (ok I’m exaggerating, but they are all so cute), had the privilege to enjoy our indoor amenities such as our state-of-the-art fitness center, sauna, and our lounge rooms, am able to enjoy local restaurants with great discounts from our ONNI rewards program and have quick access to Michigan Avenue for Chicago related adventures and shopping, and work amongst intelligent people.

Not only are there great things to explore locally, but inside The Hudson our apartments are designed with exquisite condo finishes, spacious floorplans, chefs entertaining kitchens, and outdoor patios to enjoy city views. I love that The Hudson is considered a boutique apartment building with resort inspired amenities. This creates an intimate atmosphere for our residents to host get togethers for their guests while enjoying the amenities with ease. I was not able to see the outdoor patio in full motion when I came to The Hudson, but I wait in anticipation to see the building work in full force as nicer weather approaches. My favorite thing about the apartments at The Hudson are obviously the design and apartment amenities, but the amount of light that fills the apartment plus the unobstructed views transforms your apartment into a home. It’s refreshing to walk into our apartments and your eyes are immediately drawn to the panoramic skyline views. The apartment with a view is a great reward after a long work day!

My 2nd favorite thing (because I do not believe in just 1 favorite thing) about The Hudson are my co-workers. I look forward to seeing everyone daily and wondering what funny thing will happen so that we can laugh non-stop! My absolute favorite thing about The Hudson is running into residents, socializing with them, and then magically running into in the same resident in the lobby the next day to brag about how much fun we had! The relationships that we are able to build with our residents are irreplaceable.

I could rant and rave about how amazing The Hudson is all day long, but I would then be writing a book. I encourage anyone to visit our community to see what makes The Hudson so great in real life – it truly is “An Elevated Experience!”

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